Profit & Loss and Death Claim Analysis of All Life Insurers for the Year 2013-14

Valuation Results of LIC of India
For the year 2013-14
Valuation Surplus after Tax(2013-14)
Govt. Share @ 5%
95% to be distributed to Policy Holders
(Investment by Govt in LIC in 1956 is 5.00 crores only)
: 28,727 Crores
: 1,436 Crores
: 27,921 Crores
Total Number of Policies in force
(More than Population of Many Countries)
: 29.61 Crores
Total Premium Income
(The daily collection of Corporation is 648 Crores)
: 2,36,798 Crores
Total Gross Income for the year
(Four Times the income of leading Bank in India)
: 2,87,315 Crores
Total Number of Claims Settled :2,59,00,000
Total Amount paid towards claims : 91,186 Crores
Outstanding Death Claims

Outstanding Maturity Claims
: 0.70% only and 0.32% only
First Year Premium Income
((More than the total amount of claims paid)
: 81,514 Crores
Total Life Fund : 16,07,024 Crores
Total Assets of Corporation : 17,69,191 Crores
Investment in Govt/Infra/Social Sector : 17,69,191 Crores
LIC’s Market Share as on 31/03/2014
(Remaining 23 private companies Market share: 24.67% on premium and 15.56% on policies)
: 75.33% on Premium
: 75.33% on Premium

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